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  1. Greecelightning5

    Lost vehicles in Virtual Garage

    I have lost both of my vehicles that were in my Virtual Garage for some reason. I'm playing Napf.
  2. Greecelightning5

    Base with no doors on the ground floor

    Found this base on Napf Exile, grid coordinates 130134, by Luzern. Adding video of me attempting to find a door and running around the whole thing using scroll wheel. Youtube video Also adding a map image of where it is.
  3. Greecelightning5

    Lost Littlebird to glitch

    I landed on the ship that is on the map to check it out. Landed on the rear landing deck and got out. When I got out I glitched through the ship drowned and died. There is no access to the ship from the water so I can't get on the ship to retrieve it. I'm adding a video of the incident. All I'm really concerned with is getting the helo or the money for the helo. If I can get the other gear back cool. If not no big deal. Youtube video Also as a side note I posted in the section about the roaming trader kicking me from the server everytime I try to access him. Was wondering if there is a fix to that. Thanks for the help, Greece
  4. Greecelightning5

    roaming trader kicks you

    I am having this same issue minus the artifacts left on screen. Just sends me straight to main menu.