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  1. Funnyman440

    Using advanced movement for base raiding

    Sorry, I should add that we play on Esseker 2
  2. Ok, so first off, my friend told me that you arnt aloud to do this. Heres the thing though, we are being raided on the daily at this point, dont know why, I just wake up and I see my friend saying we are being raided, so far everytime we have been, they blow through our floors and seem to use a crate to get into our room, since there has always been a Military crate left behind underneath or our lockers or at another area that they would be stuck in if they went inside, I can post evidence from the raid today, since I have found the crate and just left it where it is. I also found one pushed into our base (wasnt a raid) when I was out doing missions and stuff, and came back to a crate that was outside the base (Moved from in our base to outside from Harriers raid) just to see it on the third floor (theres 4 floors on the base). If this is aloud, sorry for wasting your time, if you need video evidence, I can try and see what i havnt deleted from my computer or get additional evidence if we get raided again and it is used.