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    Died randomly upon loading in.

    Maybe? But I mean, what are the odds that a random vehicle Spawned into my Heli the moment I log in? If thats the case i will gladly take that answer, shit happens its a game. But I've literally just started on the server a few days ago and its not like I have the resources to just lose everything and be okay.
  2. ExTerMINater267

    Died randomly upon loading in.

    So as the title says, I loaded into this server: [US] BFC EXILE Napf |DayZ|Mil|20K|Deploy|VG|Missions|Vector and almost immediately I crashed. Waited a few minutes, loaded back in, everything seemed fine. Unlocked my Heli and started to fly away and died, along with the corresponding "ExT267 Committed suicide" with the resulting explosions in the background. And then another crash. Checked the map, no Ai missions within 8k. No other players online at that time. And even so, the only other player joining afterwards was a friend of mine. All I want to know is is this a new bug? Regular? And can I have my shit back. Thanks.