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  1. pacman

    Base gone

    1.) remember all them western games, ya that was me who started it with logical vice and the video game Boom Town back in 2002... and then it turned into red dead revolver, death fears the badge, etc... 2.) Star Conflict, I am the source of the current Hud... left the game as they kept screwing shit up and wouldn't listen... stubborn russians "Oh but we must obey clan nasa! they pay 50% of our current income as following their advice drove away 90% of our paying player base!" 3.) I just told you everything wrong with your server, You KNOW you have a high turn over rate, I KNOW you have a high turn over rate... and I just told you why. It is not just your servers are Dull, a person can't even go on vacation without losing their stuff... Sort of like having a super needy girl friend who wont let you pee without saying "I have to watch, I can't be to far away from you"... This is costing you players and is KILLING old school dayz which in my opinion is better then standalone... Their is 0 Ramp up, it used to be Dayz epoch came in stages. Stage 0 - survive the zombie horde and struggle to get good shit Stage 1 - Build a base stage 2 - pvp/pve on the ground Stage 3 - crazy tank/air battles And if you screwed up you could find your self all the way back at stage 0! - cant happen on your server, their is no challenge and people get BORED. By reducing gun spawn 60% you increase the odds of finding cement/sand/zip ties/phones which brings more pvp base raid life to the server, as well as makes it harder to recover from getting killed (hence there is more challenge... you don't want to die!) I could go on but you need to spend a few years at Fullsail Real World Education to get where I am coming from... or make a title from scratch. And Squidward... I worked by myself to get a base 100% concrete... had 7 knives... 5 safes... 20 wooden drop boxes full of stuff, several safes in stroage, and 4 or 5 old chests topped off.... You don't recover from a loss like that over night, it took weeks and a lot of base raiding to get it (Been playing dayz since arma2, I am not a newbie)... and I am a CEO irl, I can't be here all day, can't even make it in here every week at times (hence the lost base, and my thoughts on one month pay up making more sense.... Again vanish for a month and HOPE your base wasn't raided, it is "self correcting game play"... this is the basics of game development and modding. Tell ya what, since I am leaving, respawn my base and take it... I already know you will be like "HOLLY %^#(^&$ THIS IS AWESOME" cuz I know my stuff... But whatever, when I get my server up Sure, I will let you know skidmark, and as an actual game dev (ya know someone who was paid to make video game for a living) I assure you my hide can take all the positive remarks you can throw at it... without need for approval... who knows, I will probably incorporate a few of the fixes you give with any bitches grips and complaints you make as I listen to good input from my players in any form it shows it self (unless it is clear they are trying to game the system, %^($^ them guys, and the horse they came in on.... Gimi a few month to a year and I will get back to ya - I am trying to put a small country back together irl, hurricane maria was a bitch... If you ever drop by Puerto Rico please enjoy our beaches, the rain forest and pay lots of money on our overpriced nick naks :) p.s. I am to lazy to use spell check right now...
  2. pacman

    Base gone

    ...ah fuck it im leaving - your servers are dull, hence the hi turn over of players on em : / 26th hu, I was a half hour late to log in... having to pay every week - I'll make my server force you to pay up every month so people who have a life can come and go, playing a game should be fun, not work. Deff have a auto pay feature but make it so you can only set aside enough for 1 month (meaning you can vanish 2 months tops... but someones probably gona steal your flag like that) What else will I do... Lower the weapon spawn chance 60% across the board, every loot pile being a weapon means their is no ramp up, your just BAMB top dog on guns... boring within a week. Rayan zombies are nice, but I'll have to find something that spawn in when you shoot unsupressed weapons or scream (and reinable "/scream") Zombie heards that spawn in 1 zed every 2 seconds (of the runners) up to say 40... who spawn within 400 meters of players and only in woods... and then head twards him. not sure about that, no building in buildings rule, def no building in or near military, but buildings in general? Hell id probably add a few town built for players to build in and fight over - give em something to do besides dull ass missions. and I would have events, players show up at one of the air feilds and id be like... get in pairs... spawn in tanks... and be like "last man standing keeps his tank" give the rpgs on the server some use and make tanks super rare and preceous... But thats my rant. pacman, out.
  3. pacman

    Been playing since day 1

    May jump over, the server I am on is dull as hell, and they despawned my base a day early... all that cement... -.- what ever whats the point in having the best base in cherno if the place is empty right?
  4. pacman

    Base gone

    oh right, I own the Lumber Yards, on the cherno redux 15k start server.
  5. pacman

    Base gone

    My base said it was supposed to be paid the 28th, I show up the 27th and its gone... along with my truck. Suggestions?
  6. pacman

    Cement exploit

    Thank god - you guys are the best
  7. "The Resume" Started this game back before it had tents - I know this map, just need a team with a plan (or I can make a plan if ya want to have fun) Ex-military 11B1P 1-91airbone cav Im on [BFC] Exile CernoRedux|DayZ|15K|AdvM seems theres only 20 of us on this server - I am pacman - tell me if ya want to group in game if ya see me or here.
  8. pacman

    Cement exploit

    So to make cement walls/structures.... you have to "find" cement and sand... to breach them... just "buy" the parts and make them... This makes cement worthless with as easy as it is to make money in this game... Please make cement and sand something you can buy at the hardware guy... OR make the parts to blow cement find only - as in not for sale. It adds a layer to the game play that way - people have a reason to hunt for stuff to have a better base Just throwing it out there - Pac T Man
  9. pacman

    possible base hack

    Ya they got blown up - and then erased at server reset
  10. pacman

    Vic Glitches

    Headlight flashing - when you get out of the vic at times the head lights just start flashing for no reason... you cant get back in while this is going on and zed will walk over and beat your truck to death to make it stop - seems like a scrip issue of some sort. Stuck at the factory and about to run alllllll the way back to a trader after a box truck van of loot did this to me and I couldn't kill all the zeds fast enough to keep them from blowing up my truck. I assume this is a known bug, whats the current in game fix/work around? This is your chernus server doing it - have not tried the others. SECOND You can buy dlc vics - but once you get out of them you cant get back in so ... money lost, can you make a vic un-buy-able or warn people they need dlc to use said vic/heli?
  11. pacman

    Loading screen joke

    Zombi_Stripper_Twins.SLQ Enabled That should mess with some heads (if ya want throw the name of a in game city at the front... like "Gorka_Zombi_Stripper_Twins.SLQ Enabled" go for it. Lets see who goes to town looking XD
  12. Issue Resolved - close this thread
  13. pacman

    Need a quick hand

    Naturally, it also makes it impossible to pay tribute so it is actually a self correcting problem
  14. pacman

    Need a quick hand

    Server [BFC]Exile ChernoRedux|DayZ|15K|AdvM|Base Spawn|CrareLoad|Towi Base is Wild Cards Thanks for the help p.s. nice ass
  15. pacman

    Need a quick hand

    also can you add an option to the office to "despawn base" for people who want to relocate (that way we wont have to bother you or lose a weeks game time when you renew our base so we can fix stuff) Also can you make it so people can pay their territory fee ONCE and only once at the office to keep you from having to helo in such matters - admins after all have better stuff to do with their time.