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    In my current region there is no pay pal services and id like to donate. Any other methods?
  2. Salim Azar

    Safezone Trolling

    @Mrfudders , it saddens me to see this happen , but skid is right . I really want to tell you to troll them back but not here. And like anyone in your group that were in , shadow play , whatever. These programs come built in the video card driver.
  3. Exile Survival Knowing that you guys are working on a new survival server, I would like to point at some ideas that might be taken into consideration depending whether the server will be Hardcore or not: ( NB: i do not know if you can change with crafting recepies) As there will be no trader, therefore there will be no more pop tabs as well as no more buying stuff. People will be focused more on trading between each other, thus to be somehow fair form trollers even though its RP, try creating an interactive trade menu that players can pop when they are close to each other using XM8 or anything . (If it works on proximity players might use it to see if some next to them, therefore make it like the party or family system, but where they have to press something to show , or proximity trade beacon. Having the map item in your inventory or not ,will affect your ability to see the actual map Players cannot use side chat or group chat without actual radio in inventory that you can find around, or craft ( if too hardcore then just they cant talk instead) Players will not be able to see group UI without GBPs or UAV terminal Water bottle should spawn either empty or dirty water , rarely fresh and need to be cleaned at base ( take into consideration players will be walking most of the time ) Base Flags can be crafted using metal rod + uniform + a cutting tool No Virtual Garage? unless problem w blowing vehicles. Every vehicle you find can be stored? No spawning bike or quad bike. No Halo spawn , or Halo with normal round steady parachute instead of steerable parachute. Disposition on of weapons and items on the map should take the category of the area into consideration ( civil , industrial , military , farm , hunting ) depending on the map Focus on bolt action riles and rarity of the weapon will be depending on the material used to be built and how much advanced, not on caliber Electronics use batteries Car use wrench and tires for repair kit Armed vehicle if existed use mags to be refilled cannot magically eject form areal vehicles , need to find a parachute at military base Meds like badnage and maybe vishp , can be crafted ussing basic resources Salim AZAR