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  1. Parzival

    Why do you raid?

    Sooo....ummmm?... Is raiding to taboo to talk about?
  2. Parzival

    Why do you raid?

    If you don't mind sharing your motivations for raiding, I'm just curious. So a few points of interest: Is there a Flag size that you go after? Do you even care about what Level the Flag is? Do you raid to find hard to find gear? Has that really worked out for you? Are your raids purely personal (ie attacking bandits/heros)? I haven't started raiding on any BFC servers yet....but a long time ago I did it purely for the fun of "finding weakness" in other gamer's builds. For me, most of time, the good gear is easier had at missions....but the most fun is when a base owner is around and a raid turns into a prolonged battle. What say you?
  3. Parzival

    Supply crates

    I actively hunt these creates. And have found more good than bad over all. Plenty of loot worth the effort. Not to mention the loot I've collected of the dead bodies trying to "surprise" me.
  4. Parzival

    Vehicles disappearing from virtual garage

    Ditto. I just lost a few vehics that I was using constantly. Now their just gone and I'm just left guessing about what happened. Glitched? Hacked? *sigh ....thank god for auto run.