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  1. Noble Panther

    Repair System Is janky as fuck!

    Okay but the repair system is shit and im outta hereeeee
  2. Noble Panther

    Repair System Is janky as fuck!

    The requiremnt to get in driver first has gotten me and my squad killed many times, everyone should be able to repair a vehicle, from any nearby position, like in life servers.
  3. Noble Panther

    Mercenary Camp Issues

    The dandy crates from Mercenary camps can't be loaded into vehicles for quick looting, leading to horrible camping and real lack of gameplay! Please make them loadable! Replace the small unloadable dandy crates with loadable wide ones like in the other missions.
  4. Noble Panther

    Broken Missions

    Offroads seem to be the root cause, they drive off kilometers away.
  5. Noble Panther

    Broken Missions

    Ai constantly go missing and lead to an uncompleteable mission and suffering.
  6. Noble Panther

    1.0.4 Update - Issues

    This may be quite soon to complain, but the removal of the quadbikes is a real big deal to me, and I'm sure it is to many other players. I feel like it's a highly valuable thing on the server to be able to start yourself out sooner, otherwise people may become bored or tired of walking or having to find a vehicle. If you don't decide to make them spawnable, can we at least have them buyable at the car shop?
  7. Noble Panther


    Yo what's up I'm Noble Panther, I like this server, it's pretty rad. I'm loving the community so far and I hope I can serve it the best I can!