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  1. Moonhorse

    I am asking before complaining

    Abusive stepdad does this all the time apparently . I killed him in his base I had a mine at his door and was waiting for him to Parachute .. lo and behold he disconnects and rejoins only to be again at his base shooting from the same window over esseker .. So yes apparently it saves the last location and possibly even the gear ..
  2. Moonhorse

    Not have the Zombies on the same team as AI

    Ur right . But AI should attack zombies in the vicinity. Its should be players and AI againt zombies and AI against players.
  3. Moonhorse

    Vote day & Quad bike swarms

    Yeah go in configurarion and raise brightness and gamma all the way up ... your welcome
  4. Moonhorse

    Trader Stealing ( Captain America )

    Im just mentioning it he gave me money back . Also chat logs can confirm . between 7pm to 9pm EST . Apparently this happens often and the only defense against this is getting in vehicle before going in trader but that doesnt work when flying a heli .
  5. Hehhe Love it ... especially him coming up the ladder with the flag ... Aaa.... So patriotic ...
  6. I was doing runs with my Hellcat and got to safe zone with a land rover ambulance , I dropped the vehicle and proceeded to land the helicopter . By the time I did that Captain America jumped in and drove it to waste dump and sold it . After getting barraged by multiple players he gave me the money and proceeded to call me an Idiot both him and Turncoat Bull. He eventually gave me the money but also mentioned that open vehicles are free game . He needs to be redirected to the rules . Screenshot : When he sold the land rover : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297836752 .
  7. Moonhorse

    HI all Moonhorse here ....

    I wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule to thank you guys for an amazing server . I was in love with the map right away and when I got to traders it got better . I was able to tell right of the bat that the players on this server are mature and well educated not to mention extremely helpful . Im currently teamed up with my long time PC gaming friend after we had to leave another server for severe admin abuse run by teenagers so when we got greeted the way we did it was a sigh of relief . We are looking forward to spend hours on this server and I will also be donating soon to enforce this great community of mature players . Thanks for the server and thanks for having me play with you all .