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  3. Carlos SpiceWiener

    Server offline?

  4. Carlos SpiceWiener

    PVP stat

  5. Carlos SpiceWiener

    Server offline?

    Unable to find the server in the browser list. Is the server offline?
  6. Shadow6316

    Floating safes

    045 948 floating safes
  7. I see the zombies mod as part of the required mods for the exile esseker server, and i remember that it used to have zombies but it currently does not. I was wondering if we could get that back again. As well as an updated discord link.
  8. |EB| Maicon

    protection money

  9. |EB| Maicon

    protection money

    I would like to know how much it costs to pay the protection of the base, and if you can pay before the date expires, because I can not pay before the date
  10. |EB| Maicon

    protection money

    I would like to know how much it costs to pay the protection of the base, and if you can pay before the date expires, because I can not pay before the date
  11. LEV

    Redux Server?

    Is there any reason why the Redux server is down fellas? Updates or additional scripts etc? LEV. No matter its returned...
  12. Chunney ramming at safe zone again
  13. Im new to the Eseeker server just started playing a week ago and I just tried to build my base, when I went to set up my flag pole the pole somehow struck me and flew away and it landed up landing pretty far away from me in a dirt mound barried where I can’t even pay for the territory. Is there a way I can have this moved please? I have a about 10-15 pieces around it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The name of my base is Kabanino it’s right by Kabanino as well.   My charter Name is Sheepdog.
  14. LEV

    Cherno Redux server.

    I have 7k hours shared between A2 and A3 and would like to make some suggestions in regards to the REDUX server. I would just like to make a request for additions to the Redux server. I appreciate the map is custom and alot of awesome work has gone into it. However, the addition of the Extended BAse Mod items I think would make the grinding survival aspect of it better (This would greatly improve the players experience). Im not talking about the buildings as they are ridiculous, but the tables, chairs, shelving, fuel and ammo containers, spec ops monitors base lamps etc etc. This would make the grind more enjoyable and give reason to building larger bases. Also the possible addition of rain/mist/fog? Industrial loot to spawn on the docks? Finally the Lopatino traders are glitched into the ground and Berezino Lumber Yard spawns weapon on the ground instead of Building mats (unsure if this is correct). Kindest regards, LEV (The Nomad)
  15. ImfamousGamer

    Im looking to Join As an admin

    @Skidmark ive applied to be admin on the esseker server and nobody has goten back to me yet
  16. GringoWarFighter

    DISCORD LINK not working for me

    i tried to join the discord but the link is brocken on my end does someone have a invite they can send me?
  17. Same is happening with these 3 people, ramming into you with vehicles, and dragging around props and placing them under vehicles to flip them into the air and eventually destroy it.
  18. hello dear users and also admins i do not like to say it but on 05.03.2019 at about two o'clock at night I was trolled by two nice gentlemen in the safe zone. I killed these two at a mission about twenty minutes earlier and they were not so good at talking to me about it. I drove into the safe zone and just wanted to sell my loot. Then suddenly the two of them approached with quats and pushed me out of the safe zone to run me over. I uploaded a youtube video that proves this. Thank you for your attention and wish you a nice day Youtube Link.: https://youtu.be/vSGWfR9O-SA
  19. Hoping someone could point me in the right direction in resolving this problem. I'll attach a photo to show the message I'm getting before being kicked off upon unsuccessfully launching. Thanks in advance!
  20. Alright, update after investigating a bit. CUP did an update yesterday (21 DEC 2018) that appears to be the cause. The author has indicated (eight hours ago) that a hotfix is incoming that will fix the problem. Check comments here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583544987
  21. My A3 Launcher is not automatically downloading the file required to join this server. I am receiving the following message: "Addon 'CUP_Terrains_Winter_Sounds' requires addon 'CUP_Chernarus_Winter_Data' I assume it's asking for Chernarus Winter 1.11, so I'm downloading that now, but is there something preventing A3Launcher from automatically detecting that the server requires this addon?
  22. It takes a lot of time to scavenge for sticks and leaves in the forest, which is a little strange to me. Any bush in the forest would have these things. I know this is probably designed this way for balance since oranges drop from trees too. I'd like to suggest breaking up the 'Trees' loot table to solve this issue: Scavenge CHR trees (for the existing 20% drop rate) and maybe get a stick, leaves, or an orange. Scavenge CHR bushes (50% to 100% drop rate) for sticks or leaves, but no oranges. Being able to start a fire is critical in the early game due to the night rains, and finding sticks/leaves in the forest is easy. Players are already gated by the need for matches and an axe.
  23. CharlyAR

    Going live

    Hi !! Please can you update this server? because I can play/? is dieferent version of arma!
  24. CharlyAR

    I need help

    Please I want to know why I can not play the Napf map! I was paying every day . baut now I can join the server!! Help!
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