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  2. Vehicle Stuck in Trader

    Nevermind we just blew it up
  3. Vehicle Stuck in Trader

    So my two friends and I landed in the heli pad spot in the Northeast Trader and when my friends and I tried to access the heli it said that none of us were the owners, even my friend who purchased it. When the one who bought it attempted to access the co-pilot or back seat he was stuck inside unable to leave, type, or access arma 3 main menu. Please help!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Few Suggestions for Esseker

    Got a couple suggestions. It's been awhile since I've played here, but after coming back I've noticed a few things. 1. Increase the wait time for spawning on a spawn point by a few more minutes. I've noticed most of the time after killing a player, they come back as a bambi and live long enough to surpass the spawn restriction. They should really only be able to come back once. 2. For the crate event spawns, you should make it where the circle closes in on the crate every 3 minutes by a little amount until it is the radius of the weed event. Would make it easier to find in forests. 3. The scratchie winner UI should be moved or revamped. The big white letters take up most of the screen and could cause you to die in a firefight. I think this has been suggested before. 4. Remove m32 grenade launcher/ammo from the spec-ops trader, and just leave it in the military base loot table. Leave the M79 GL in trader. I feel the 6-round 40mm GL is too easy/cheap to get. 5. Lastly, it'd be nice to have a daily login reward kind of what the [SG] exile chernarus server has. Nothing too much, maybe like a random choice between 250 respect, 1k poptabs, or a free lada spawn (or something of the sorts). Would like to know your thoughts about these suggestions, and I know not all with agree with some of them.
  6. Move Territory

    I believe you have to pack everything up first for them to do that.
  7. Move Territory

    I’m playing on Cherno and I was wondering if you could allow me to move my territory my base name is Zenith
  8. Last week
  9. Base fix ?

    I made correction on base
  10. Construction Aborted

    Ok Thanks for that
  11. Construction Aborted

    Most likely, the higher the level the more objects you can place.
  12. Construction Aborted

    I might have to upgrade my base, that could be the problem
  13. Base fix ?

    so sorry did not mean to spam thread I thought I only made one thread, and thanks for that
  14. Construction Aborted

    my base name is "Zenith" my flag isn't stolen and every time I try to build walls or place a fire place or supply box it says "Construction Aborted maximum number of objects reached" plus my base is fairly small as I have just started building it
  15. Base fix ?

    @sierra165 Please do not spam new threats. Your base is at its maximum parts, if you've not level 6 upgrade your flag.
  16. Base fix ?

    Dude, you've already made like 5 different threads. If it's that crucial maybe you should get in discord and go to a support channel instead of spamming threads.
  17. Construction Aborted

    Base name? too many objects? Or is your flag stolen?
  18. Base fix ?

    since were talking about base issues I cant build any thing on this server [BFC]Exile ChernoRedux|DayZ|15K|AdvM|Base Spawn|Crate Load|Towi, Address: as it keeps saying Construction Aborted maximum number of objects reached, can someone help plz
  19. Construction Aborted

    Construction Aborted maximum number of objects reached, I cant build anything on the server: [BFC]Exile ChernoRedux|DayZ|15K|AdvM|Base Spawn|Crate Load|Towi, Address: can someone help plz
  20. Base fix ?

    OK, I had not seen this rule .... Fix most night server is offline ... thank you
  21. Base fix ?

    Your walls are layered. This is against the rules. Fix the issue and let us know then we will come and inspect again
  22. Base fix ?

    HUEHUEHUE my name base. What do I have to fix on the base or can not mount base on that location? have 2 other bases are closer to the trade than mine.
  23. Base fix ?

    base name?
  24. Base fix ?

    What is the problem with my base? 064x086 (pop ivan) map chernarus redux? there are 2 other bases that are closer to trade than mine and my base has doors and no bug.
  25. Map

    Have you ever considered doing a BFC exile server for a different map like tanoa? (tanoa is my favorite map and your server is one of the few servers that is well run)
  26. Earlier
  27. More Flexible Rent Fee

    Hello Spandexstorm, it is very frustrating when you log in and you lost your base due to payment but the due date for the payment is stamped when you look at your territory on your xm8, which is usually 7 days from your last payment. I usually recommend players to pay at least a day early instead of waiting for the last day to make the payment.
  28. More Flexible Rent Fee

    Normally log on to pay base rent fee around 8 or 9 am sunday. Got on an hour late this sunday and the base is gone. I know this is my fault but it's still frustrating. Should give a grace period of a few hours.
  29. SUV with minigun

    Can we have an SUV with minigun on top? Could be nice to use it against the Blackhawk with 2 miniguns. Also good for zombies too!
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