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  4. Slim_Jxmmy

    Obstructed Flag pole

    Grinded a door to fort kickass on esseker 15k start and the flag pole is placed in a fireplace and on attempt to steal flag it says "you can only steal flags at the bottom of the pole"
  5. Littlejon_LJ

    start up song on log in

    I 2nd
  6. airsoftstick

    north trader

    the trading post near that town up there starts with an L but my spelling sucks, there half underground and cant be traded with
  7. airsoftstick

    missing items

    some how we keep ending up missing some of our cars and a chopper after restart, we have lost 1 bdrm hq and mowhawk full of gear randomly now i dont think its player theft but it is pvp and i could be wrong bit its only doing some of the cars and not the base or other things.
  8. IPaidForWinRAR

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    You can if need be. But i did run his ass over for a solid 15 minutes that's the only thing truthful that he's alleged.
  9. SquidWard

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    So I should ban you since you are asking for it?
  10. IPaidForWinRAR

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    Just kidding Airkevin 777 had nothing to do with it i was gonna be a dick and let him be banned but i can't. Hes actually innocent. Also, Never admitted to having multiple steam accounts because that's dumb and we don't. Also weren't cheating just running his bitch ass over in safezone cause hes a beta bitch. Ban me bitch. Sincerely WinRAR ❤️
  11. IPaidForWinRAR

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    Ban me Pussies Also It was Me, Bwitk, Eagle Cohort, Airkevin777 who dicked on this d00d
  12. linktothepast99

    Jesus Lovers and Friends

    The Jesus Lover harrassed my group tonight, including but not limited to: -Verbally abusing in safe zone -VDM in safe zone -Blatant hacks -These people included IPaidForWinRar, Jack, and his friends. -Also note that they admitted to having multiple steam accounts.
  13. airsoftstick

    start up song on log in

    bit of an odd request but whats the name of that song and is there a longer version if so?
  14. Chocolate_Eagle

    Zombies and AI

    Zeds should be on different teams, mothing worse than an AI shooting at you while in the middle of a horde of zombies after you aswell. When its set up that way the AI still make you there primary target, That my experience.
  15. Chocolate_Eagle

    Zombies and AI

    I think that the Zombies and the Ai should conflict with each other. The reason I say this is because it is very simple to do so as I have done this myself on servers I have run in the past and takes WAY away from immersion when you have a group of Ai gunning for you and 12 Zombies walk right past them within a few feet.
  16. Greecelightning5

    Lost vehicles in Virtual Garage

    I have lost both of my vehicles that were in my Virtual Garage for some reason. I'm playing Napf.
  17. Greecelightning5

    Base with no doors on the ground floor

    Found this base on Napf Exile, grid coordinates 130134, by Luzern. Adding video of me attempting to find a door and running around the whole thing using scroll wheel. Youtube video Also adding a map image of where it is.
  18. Greecelightning5

    Lost Littlebird to glitch

    I landed on the ship that is on the map to check it out. Landed on the rear landing deck and got out. When I got out I glitched through the ship drowned and died. There is no access to the ship from the water so I can't get on the ship to retrieve it. I'm adding a video of the incident. All I'm really concerned with is getting the helo or the money for the helo. If I can get the other gear back cool. If not no big deal. Youtube video Also as a side note I posted in the section about the roaming trader kicking me from the server everytime I try to access him. Was wondering if there is a fix to that. Thanks for the help, Greece
  19. Wingnut

    just more Bullying.

    Pretty gud clips in this! Keep up the good work!
  20. SquidWard

    Base fix?

    awesome I'll take a look today and take down the signs. Thank you for fixing the issue, if anything comes up please feel free to contact that us on discord or forums. Have a great day and Happy hunting
  21. Raider

    Base fix?

    Every room is accessible now
  22. SquidWard

    Base fix?

    The sign was posted because you have rooms with no doors/ladders, every room has to have some sort of access into it. It can't be all ways around it with no doors. Once you fix this issue then i'll come check it out.
  23. SquidWard

    Base fix?

    sure i'll take a look in a bit
  24. Raider

    Base fix?

    I'm on the esserker #2 server, territory name is jtf2 can a admin come check it out.
  25. Littlejon_LJ

    Starting Loadout

    no, but they are all pretty weak. The 3rd one is where you get a pistol, Which is like 5k or so. two or 3 more loadouts later, At the top, 80k respect, you get a very shitty CZ, a suppressed g17, a very nice chest piece, a white gillie suit, 2 instadocs and food and drink. Most players try to maintain it above there just for the insta-docs.
  26. Littlejon_LJ


    now it revives the player
  27. sierra165

    Issues cherno Survival server

    (This is also on the discord) I have found a few glitches, 1.for example i had a map on me and went to create another map for my friend and when i did it glitched and deleted one of the maps so i was still left with just one instead of two, 2. there is an issue with dying when you climb over fences or onto buildings, this has happened to me multiply times where i go and climb something and it may only be just a small fence but i will then start rapidly dying, and if you have no health on you your guys health will keep going down until you die , 3. on the map it shows that there is a water fountain in the towns but when i go there, their is either no fountain to be found or the games doesn't register it, also it would be more realistic if you could fill up your water bottle from rivers or streams, some of the servers that FrankieOnPc1080p played on would have that mod. 4. food needs to be more availably i can sometimes search for hours and find barely, any and our food meter goes down faster than we can find food to fill it up. 5. can the military facilities on the map have actual military equipment like uniforms, guns, scopes etc as I have been to a couple of army bases and they have had bugger all and whatever they did have was probably worse than what i could of found at a small town 6. lastly there needs to be waaaaaaaay more vehicles i mean for crying out load i have been on this server for a few weeks now and have played many, many hours on it and only ONCE have i seen one vehicle and it was a bus i get that its a survival server and it has to be hard and show that a lot of cars would be destroyed but really ........PLEASE ADD MORE ,anyway there's a few things to help improve the server thanks
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